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This precious little guy comes from an amazing family! One of the first weddings we ever shot was his parents way back in 2009. (Happy soon to be 4th Wedding Anniversary A&A). And then along came his big sister Emme in 2010. And now this guy! This is the perfect example of our style of newborn photography. We love to get a few of those sleepy photos, but I love so much more to get family and sibling shots. Those are the ones that tell a story and show so much love. 0512MurrayJackNB 39 0512MurrayJackNB 14 0512MurrayJackNB 47 0512MurrayJackNB 281 0512MurrayJackNB 254 0512MurrayJackNB 103 0512MurrayJackNB 109 0512MurrayJackNB 219 0512MurrayJackNB 237 0512MurrayJackNB 272 0512MurrayJackNB 260 0512MurrayJackNB 339 0512MurrayJackNB 341 0512MurrayJackNB 347

One thought on “Jack {11 days old}

  1. Anne Leafblad says:

    Love love love the photos, Heather! They are just wonderful – you take amazing pictures of my family! Thanks!!!

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