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Hello All! Some of you have already heard the news around the watercooler (but just to put aside the rumors) here is our big announcement. Tim and I are going to be parents come November! So do you know what that means for my faithful clients who are you looking forward to fall pictures? We need to get those done earlier than usual. I will be done taking photos the last weekend in September – which will give me time to edit and get those orders out to you all as well, hopefully before baby comes. For our clients whose little ones have big milestones coming up in October, November and December we’ll make do and get that taken care of as close to the actual date as possible (with some flexibility for you and us it shouldn’t be a problem). So please start emailing to try and get a date picked out if you’re interested in setting something up this Fall. And maybe this year we’ll need to look at some weeknights as well – the sun is perfect in the evening. And here’s a little sneak peak at our future gummy bear.

One thought on “Getting excited about Fall….

  1. Anne Leafblad says:

    I’m so excited for you guys! Let’s hope the gummy bear arrives on November 6, which as you know is a VERY special day 😉

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