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We met up with the Kozaks a couple weeks ago to get some family shots and shots of grandma with the grandkids. The weather was chilly, but the snow had already melted so it still appeared to be fall. Here’s just a few of my favorites from the day.
0910 Kozak 658
grandma & kids
0910 Kozak 625
0910 Kozak 497
0910 Kozak 552
0910 Kozak 664
0910 Kozak 697
0910 Kozak 682
0910 Kozak 763
0910 Kozak 805
0910 Kozak 423
0910 Kozak 826

One thought on “Kozaks

  1. Brenda Kay Fiorucci says:

    Oh my god !! What a beautiful family !!! Those big guys are my nephews. What great guys they have turned out to be. Look at them with their family’s. Oh yes and that is my big sister, she is the best. Please come to Phoenix and take our pictures you do an amazing job !!
    I love you all very very much Antie Brenda

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