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We haven’t seen Tori since she was just a few weeks old and now she’s 6 months! This time we met up at the Mississippi River in Elk River and then went back to their house to take some warm inside shots. We started her newborn photos with a flower headband and this time she had a brand new one. She can sit up all on her own and even has her first tooth popping through. This family is so fun to photograph because they know how to relax so we can get those amazing natural shots like this one. (And you can even see her little tooth.)
Tori Oslund 082
Tori Oslund 2nd 187
Tori Oslund 2nd 101
Tori Oslund 2nd 244
Tori Oslund 2nd 019
Tori Oslund 224
Tori Oslund 2nd 223
Tori Oslund 2nd 184
Tori Oslund 2nd 007
Tori Oslund 2nd 192
Tori Oslund 079

3 thoughts on “Tori, 6 months

  1. Cassie says:

    Love these pictures! They turned out so cute! Can’t wait to get the rest

  2. Michelle says:

    These are ADORABLE!!!!

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